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Quotation MarksThe idea for this blog, and the original stories that predate it, evolved from my observations of my cockatiel, Tilla, my citron cockatoo, Kiwi, and the desert wildlife right outside my window in the Sonoran Desert. I was raised in a home where each of our pets were considered just another person, so it was no stretch for me—a person basically devoid of imagination—to perceive the person in the animals I saw all around me. It amused me to picture sparrows gossiping about the neighboring birds as they chattered in the trees, cows postulating quantum theories while chewing their cud, or dogs plotting hostile takeovers of their owner’s home. My first written stories, however, were about the lessons I learned from my pet birds, and how my relationship to them reflected God’s relationship to me. Those corollaries helped me step back from my own view of myself, to see a broader view from God’s perspective. I could see my weaknesses, flaws and sins so much more clearly, and I found that incredibly helpful…it encouraged me to learn to laugh at myself and some of my more ridiculous traits.Eventually I began to include these stories with my annual Christmas letter, so the recipients have been the willing—or unwilling—guinea pigs for my anthropomorphic stories. I generally received positive responses, and felt led to make these stories available to a larger—completely volunteer, this time—audience. I will be submitting several different types of posts within the following categories: Anthropomorphia, Birds-eye View, God Lessons, Life with Kiwi, and Scintilla.

The Anthropomorphia section will consist of short posts that ascribe human attributes to the animals around me. Bird’s-eye View describes the lessons I have learned from my pet birds, while God Lessons describes lessons He has taught me using other sources. Life with Kiwi is rather self-explanatory; it is funny and interesting stories about my life with, Kiwi, a citron cockatoo. I guess you could call the Scintilla the leftovers…some funny, some not. Please feel free to browse around the site, submit an anthropomorphic story of your own, or just leave a comment. I now present some of those stories for your entertainment, and hopefully, your edification.

By the way, be sure to check out the full policies for this site, but for now, here is a synopsis of the guidelines: Be forewarned, this is an openly Christian blog. All points of view are welcome, but I reserve the right to remove any comments that I deem offensive. This includes foul language, name calling, and sexual references. Please do not offend your brothers and sisters.


Written on December 10th, 2007 , About Anthropomorphia

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