Flying Pig

Quotation MarksMost of us have heard the idiom, “When pigs fly…” meaning, “It is so not going to happen.” One could even consider it an informal oath, as in, “Sure I’ll do that—when pigs fly.” But in the Sonoran Desert, one must be very careful about invoking such oaths. For, unbeknownst to even the ornithologists, we harbor flying pigs right here in the American southwest. Although, to be fair, we must forgive the experts their ignorance…these swine are superbly disguised. No delicate pink flesh, floppy ears, or curly tails are to be found among them. Our desert piglets, the clever little buggers, hide in plain sight by camouflaging themselves in color coordinated guises. Those who are clearly more comfortable in their skin…uh…feathers are resplendent in bumble bee black and yellow habiliments that would rival any gaudy Vegas showgirl costume. Some, as you can see below, however, are apparently more conservative in nature, and choose a subtler version, although not quite as severe as the traditional Amish garb. Read the rest of this entry »

Written on June 15th, 2009 , Anthropomorphia
Bonnie & Clyde

Quotation MarksI have heard it claimed that Bonnie and Clyde were killed in an ambush in 1934, but as much as it grieves me to contradict others, I must refute those claims with my own eyewitness testimony. I would recognize that infamous couple anywhere, and contrary to common knowledge and textbook accounts, they have been spotted frequenting my very own front yard. They always arrive in matching snazzy black double-breasted pinstripe suits, perfectly quaffed and immaculate. Clyde, however, tops off this classic 30’s look with a snappy bright red fedora. Very retro; very gangster! Read the rest of this entry »

Written on April 5th, 2009 , Anthropomorphia

Quotation MarksEven though I am ill, and I do not get out much, God graciously sends entertainment right to my own front yard to brighten my day. Today I was thrilled and intrigued by a rare “star” sighting. What a treat! Who knew “stars” still roam the earth, especially in the heat of the Sonoran Desert? But then, who can predict what the mercurial artistic temperament will demand?

She was dressed in a slimming speckled gray, obviously meant to camouflage any less than desirable features, and adorned with a very becoming violet necklace that complemented her eyes stunningly. She glissaded along the path with much grace, and I felt she must be hearing some internal music to which she danced. All that changed faster than a starlet putting on a new role. Although dressed in elegant formal wear, she was a bit on the, shall we say, casual side. She was not in the least bit shy, and seemed to have no reservations about my presence, although her suitor (most probably R.B.) was gentlemanly enough to make a quick exit away from my imprudent voyeurism. Read the rest of this entry »

Written on July 13th, 2008 , Anthropomorphia

Male Gambel's Quail with Chicks

Courtesy of Clayton Esterson

Quotation MarksFor those of us who admire Victorian virtues, it is gratifying to discover that chivalry is not dead. The perfect gentleman does still exist, and he frequents my front yard. He never arrives without his dove gray suit, black ascot and chestnut and black top hat, but more importantly he is never without his valor, courtesy, and courtly manners. You may well ask how I found such a remarkable and scarce fellow, but in all honesty, he found me. You may have seen him yourself, but overlooked his smart tuxedo and gallant ways. His name? The Gambel’s Quail. He may only be nine inches high, but he is every inch a gentleman. And I mean gentleman in the truest sense, as it was intended before the term was hijacked into a euphemism for strip joints, e.g. a “gentleman’s club.” Read the rest of this entry »

Written on January 26th, 2008 , Anthropomorphia

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