Thermostat from Christmas Day in the Sonoran Desert

Can you explain this phenomenon?

Quotation MarksChristmas Day in the Sonoran Desert is quite unique compared with the greater portion of the North American continent, and this photograph of my thermometer confirms it. All the data you see is completely accurate. It was indeed Saturday, December 25 (2010), 3:10 in the afternoon, the indoor temperature registered 63.5° (Fahrenheit), the outdoor temperature registered 103.0° (Fahrenheit), and it was in the Sonoran Desert. The main thermometer, which is part of the clock pictured above, was in my living room, and the outdoor thermometer was where it is all year round, on my back patio. I neither interfered with, nor applied anything to, the thermometers. And the image is original with no photographic manipulation of numbers, etc., although I did adjust contrast and exposure for clarity. One more qualification, although 103° F is not an unusual high in the summer, it definitely was not 103° F outside on Christmas Day. (More like 60°F)

So…here’s the challenge: how did I get this result? Have a guess? Sign in and give it your best shot. If you are the first person to guess the correct explanation, you will have the opportunity to choose one free copy of a photograph of your choice from my gallery.


Written on December 25th, 2010 , Contest, Just for Fun

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