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Owlet Shy Peeking Palm Tree 052010

Shy Owlet Peeking Through Palm Tree Stalks

Quotation MarksThis Great-horned owlet (Bubo virginianus) (you’ll have to just take my word for it) peeking through the palm tree stalks of his nest is approximately eight weeks old. He had already fledged at this point, but still returned occasionally to the nest for a morning or afternoon nap.

He fell from his nest early in his “chickhood,” requiring human intervention, consequently, he tended to be more reticent than his older bolder sister. The Tucson Wildlife Center was obliged to improvise a dwelling, as the original nest (seen above) was perhaps 20-feet up, and quite unreachable. He fared well through it all, though, and his parents continued to diligently feed and care for him from his somewhat lower “nest.” I, myself, witnessed his successful fledging, as well as, his joining his Ma when she went out each night, with Pa of course, to hunt for dinner.


Owlet Shy Peeking Palm Tree B&W 052010

I also like the effect of the same photo almost completely black & white

Written on March 7th, 2011 , 5th Day Photography, Latest Tweets

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