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Learn How Scientists Discovered that Rats Laugh

Quotation MarksDo you ever have times when your inner-giggle gauge is stuck on empty? I have had a rough couple of weeks (perhaps you have, too), and my in-the-red giggle-gauge is showing the effects. I just could not find my inner-giggle this week, even with ideas I had previously set aside to post and had obviously found funny at the time.

Sunday I began trolling the Net for ideas…nothing funny, at least to a gray mood. On I went following a faint trail of sparks that led hither and yon with only an occasional hint of a Mona Lisa smile (How can I tell if she is smiling?) for all the hours wandering the dark alleyways and dead ends in the who-knows-where backwaters of the Net. Then yesterday I resorted to the Main Street environs, or its web counterpart, YouTube. (I know it has millions of entertaining videos, but I somehow feel like I’m “cheating” by resorting to well-known material.) Nonetheless, here I am “cheating” again this week.

Although I have no recollection of my original search, I happened upon an educational video regarding rats laughing. Yes, I know, how effective can an educational video be for inducing a mid-week giggle, however, it was the first mouse-click (rat-click?) that induced a smile.

Okay…confession time. I love rats. Yes, those ugly, creepy, dirty, destructive rodents. This will come as no shock to many of you who know me; after all, I fell in love with a gecko that lived under my cockatoo’s cage, made room for rock squirrels to live in my shed (alas, the spouse-unit wasn’t as thrilled as I about them destroying a broom to use for nesting material), and empathized with a frightened cockroach in the local mall. Thus, my initial interest in the video was the rats, but I chose the video because I was simply delighted to listen to the rats giggle whenever they were tickled, and I wanted to share that delight with you.

Then I realized I had this week’s Mid-Week Giggle. What better lesson in laughter than to watch and listen to some of God’s simplest creations express their delight with life. So…for your mid-week pleasure and edification, as well as mine, a lesson in laughter from God and His Creation. I hope you will join in with their laughter, as did I! Thank You, Lord, for renewing my inner-giggle! :-)


Why does Darth Vader come to mind?

Okay, so they’re not exactly laughing, but they sure seem to be having a wonderful time, nevertheless.

I love that he keeps returning his foot to the cage to be tickled.

You can hear and see his joy!

What a great laugh!

This Moluccan Cockatoo (M2) sounds similar to my Citron Cockatoo (C2) when she laughs.

Written on August 17th, 2011 , Just for Fun, Mid-Week Giggle

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