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Word of God

Quotation MarksHaving perused the Bible cover to cover, lived it completely and intimately, and become a doctrinal sage, I’ve discovered some fundamental Godly principles to building devout relationships. I, myself, have perfected these ten commandments, and I’m confident that you too, as sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, can apply these commandments with great success and rich rewards.

Commandment #1 Rebuke any flaws you see in others
It’s your Spiritual gift to exhort those around you, especially other brothers and sisters in Christ, and because you’re a quintessential Christian you are consummately qualified to do so. Don’t worry if you have the same flaw—that’s different; you are sanctified.

Commandment #2 If you covet, name it and claim it—for yourself
In His Tenth Commandment, God only specified coveting your neighbor’s belongings, so excluding your immediate neighbors, you may covet all you want. (You can trust me; I have direct revelation.) If you can’t acquire what they have, at least sabotage them so they can’t either. They need to rededicate their lives to Christ anyway.

Commandment #3 Never observe with, or relate to, different perspectives.
There is only one perspective. Yours. In fact, insist that others adopt your perspective. It’s the only perfect and legitimate one, and after all, you are building unity in the body of Christ.

Commandment #4 Apply bigotry and stereotypes preemptively
Be sure to form opinions before you meet others; it’s too easy to perceive others as children of God, and thus fall into the trap of approval and respect, unless you take time to prejudge. Then you might just find yourself in the awkward position of admiring one of “them.” That could ruin your whole testimony.

Commandment #5 Confess to others that you bear the formidable burden of infallibility
When you’re right, (What am I saying? You are always right.) apprise others ad infinitum. There is no sunset clause on this commandment. Regards of the incident’s antiquity, remind others of your accuracy; don’t forget to point out their fallibility. In fact, if anyone accuses you of error, mention their previous blasphemous errata, and their obvious need to repent.

Commandment #6 Administer rumors and gossip unceasingly
You are called to edify others with your discernment, and to demolish Satan’s strongholds in the lives of others. Moreover people are flattered by all the attention they receive in the form of stares and whispers. The best source is your church’s prayer chain; use it extensively.

Commandment #7 Never accommodate the temperament or preference of others
It is their duty to follow your headship in the body of Christ, for the head does not answer to the armpit. If they prefer a straightforward delivery, be circuitous and devious. If they live for a lighthearted manner, be morose and intense. If they are sensitive, and require a gentle approach, be harsh and punitive. And if they are introverted and self-driven, bully and correct them every day—multitudinously, if you can manage it; never surrender to weariness.

Commandment #8 Never admit you are wrong
It is your viewpoint, and you have a right to persevere in it, despite how silly you may look afterward. You are never wrong anyway. It’s God’s anointing in your life. Let everyone know that.

Codicil to Commandment #8
If you are proven wrong, deny it vehemently, and inundate your accuser with excuses and justifications. No excuse or justification is too lame. The objective is to prove the other person wrong, heedless of any perceived injury. You are building a hedge of thorns about them to bring those stray sheep back to the Lord (as exemplified in Hosea 2:6).

Commandment #9 Reveal no humility
Humility is for the weak, and, need I remind you, for lesser mortals than such as yourself. You are justified in the blood of Christ. There’s no reason to get legalistic now.

Commandment #10 Show no mercy
Mercy is also for the weak. What are you, a doormat? Remember to always follow Jesus’ example. Never mind that adulteress He saved from stoning, or that despicable tax collector upon whom He took pity, or even that He died for our sins, which need I remind you, weren’t even His. Just meditate on that time He chastised people with names like, “white-washed sepulchers,” or “hypocrites,” or that time He assailed the temple with a whip. Work yourself up into a righteous fervor whenever you are opposed, never you mind that you aren’t righteous; you’re living victoriously. Furthermore, see Commandment #8.

These precepts may feel awkward at first, but persevere, and soon you will discover that you like and respect yourself more, even if others do not.

If you want to know more about building great relationships, go directly to the Source yourself, and these are good passages with which to begin:

  • Romans 3:22
  • Romans 12:3-21
  • I Corinthians 12:12-31
  • Philippians 2:1-11
  • 1 John 3:11-24

May God be with you on your exciting and fulfilling crusade!

©2007 A. deLeeuw
Written on September 28th, 2011 , Just for Fun, Mid-Week Giggle

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