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Western Bluebird in Mesquite

Western Bluebirds Basking in the Morning Sunlight

Quotation MarksWestern Bluebirds (Sialia mexicana) are transitory visitors in the Sonoran Desert, so I am avidly “stalking” these flighty birds before they abandon us for cooler environs. Not an easy proposition with these mercurial and wary little guys. This photo is from my second day’s attempt, but I am determined to get close enough to fill the frame with a bluebird using my 300mm lens.

Still, I like the pattern of this little cluster of birds perched in a tall Mesquite tree (Prosopis) basking in the igneous morning light. They were waiting for the gale force (well, it felt gale force in the cold morning temperatures) winds to die down before they began the hunt for an insectivore breakfast. Yum. I pursued the coterie from tree to tree, and ground to tree, but they eluded me each time a genial logorrheic person would stop to visit.

I contend, though, that I will, doggone it (!), get a close shot! Prayer would be appreciated. ;-)


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Written on January 6th, 2012 , Mid-Week Giggle, Photo of the Week

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