God's Music Staff

God’s Music Staff

I am sharing music that I have composed with the hope that it might bring you the same joy God has given me through it. They are works in progress, and I might continue to edit or add to them as I go. I hope you enjoy!

TITLE: Simple Joy

NOTES: When I am feeling low, and sit down at my keyboard, this is the song I play, because somehow it just makes me smile. Today, I went again to my keyboard to brighten my mood when Jesus asked me why I play this song. I responded by stating the obvious, “It makes me feel better.”

“How many other people might also feel better for hearing it?” Thump. I suddenly realized how selfish it is of me to hoard the music He has given me while awaiting some illusory perfection. My preference is to keep working on a project until it is absolutely perfect, and of course it never seems to be perfect enough.

After such a strong conviction, I immediately set about reconnecting my equipment, and refreshing my beleaguered memory of the process of recording and transferring keyboard to computer. This performance, therefore, is anything but perfect, but it is filled with my love for God, and the simple joy of fingers on keys. It is unnerving, and more than a little frightening, to display my imperfections to the world, but most importantly, I hope it brings joy to your heart, and a reminder that God loves you enough to induce me to post my imperfect song and imperfect performance simply for your delight and encouragement!

Please use this music for personal purposes only, or contact me for other requests.

Written on August 3rd, 2014

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